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Thomas White is an author and ghostwriter who specializes in writing about issues related to public policy and education. Thomas has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs, both from the University of Texas at Austin, and ten years experience teaching writing to teenagers. When he isn’t writing, Thomas is spending time with his wife, his son, and his two Australian Shepherd dogs. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

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There’s an old saying that goes something like this:

“I don’t like to write, but I do like having written.”

The quote has been attributed to many different people, but the idea is the same: writing is a tedious, frustrating process. Where you hope for inspiration, you find roadblocks. You get lost and begin wandering in circles. Finally, you finish your work, and then — and only then — you feel happy.

Personally, I have never understood people who repeat this quote.

I love writing. I love sitting at my desk, searching for the exact words that will make something pop, that will convince an audience to listen to what I have to say. I find the process exhilarating.

Writing is hard work, it’s true — but it’s my work and I love it. Whether I’m working on my own project with my own name attached, or helping a client’s publishing dream come true, I love the process of writing.

As a ghostwriter, I have the added pleasure of learning about experiences that I never would have otherwise. I’ve written for people who work in healthcare, real estate, aerospace engineering, and many other industries.  

My formal training, in education and public policy, prepared me for this. It taught me to absorb new information quickly, make sense of it, then repackage it in a way that will be meaningful to my client’s audience.

Along the way, I’ve picked up several ghostwriting specialties:

  • Public Policy & Politics
  • Education
  • Memoir
  • Business

If you need help writing in one of these fields (or any other — again, I learn fast), contact me here for a free consultation.